Kevin Kwok

(Admissions Consultant)

B.A. University of Chicago

While still a teenager in Hong Kong, Kevin was drawn to the University of Chicago and applied on a whim. Although Kevin was successfully admitted, he will freely admit to anyone now that he did not prepare as thoroughly and as thoughtfully as the most driven peers in his grade. As Kevin left his teenage years behind, it mattered to him that students receive enough support to make informed decisions about their education, instead of doing things on a whim as he did. This is why Kevin chose admissions consulting as his first job upon graduating from UChicago, and it is also why he is returning to this field after a stint working in public relations.

Kevin’s success with students not only includes offers from storied schools such as Stanford and UPenn, but also elite liberal arts colleges like Pomona and top-ranked specialized institutions such as the NYU Tisch School of Arts and the USC School of Architecture. Kevin has also worked with international students who require financial aid or who are prioritizing scholarships and grants. Kevin is excited about the potential of this generation of students and is looking forward to working with them on their school applications!


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Kevin is also the tutor at The Edge. Click to view his teacher’s profile.



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