Karin Chun Taite


If you’re looking for academic rigour coupled with compassion, come see Karin.

Karin double majored in English Literature and Drama to receive her BA from Ithaca College in New York. She went on to do graduate studies at the University of Toronto, where she was admitted directly into the PhD program from her BA.

Karin has 16 years of teaching experience and has taught all of the following:

  • Western Literature
  • Dramatic Literature
  • Shakespeare Studies
  • Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • IB English

Karin is a good choice for students who need to develop their critical and academic writing or for students who already have the basics of these skills and want to push their literary analysis abilities to the university level.

For students who have an interest in the theatre, Karin’s background in the professional theatre and dramatic studies has given her the practical experience to discuss and analyze dramatic texts in the context of physical performance.

In her down time, Karin enjoys kickboxing and baking.

Blogs written: How To Read a Play: A Quick Peek at Blocking, Introduction to Reading Shakespeare, Avoid These Common Mistakes to Stay Ahead of IB English, New IB English Curricula 2019, IGCSE Curriculum and Exam Changes

Karin’s style in the classroom is energetic and gleeful, focusing on giving students structures to guide their analysis and helping them see patterns and connections. In private lessons, Karin is more laid back and expansive, but still results-oriented.

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