Karen Lee

(Admissions Consultant)

M.A. Cambridge University
B.A. Cambridge University

Karen began her own admissions journey in the United Kingdom by attending Cheltenham Ladies’ College and eventually graduated from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences (M.A.). During her time at Cambridge, she was highly regarded and was awarded the prestigious Prince Philip Scholarship and the Effie Marshall Prize for her academic excellence. She went on to lead a successful career as a Formulation Scientist and contributed to a number of scientific advancements in the skincare field.

Karen believes the future lies in the hands of the youth and she wants to support more young people to unleash their potential and realise their ambitions just like the way she did. This is why she started her second career as an Admissions Consultant, guiding students and families through the overwhelming admissions process.

Karen understands from her personal experience the path towards competitive achievement and what it takes to stand out. She adopts a strategic and personalised approach to helping each student shape a compelling portfolio, find a persuasive voice and strengthen their applications for highly selective colleges and universities. She channels her passion and commitment into her work and equips her students with the necessary skills that will benefit them for years to come.

Karen speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. In her leisure time, she is an avid painter with a consuming passion for modern art.

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