Dragos Ilca


Dragos likes creating a comfortable environment for the students. He can break down the complex issues and concepts into simple terms, encouraging students to ask as many questions as possible.

Dragoș earned his BA (cum laude) in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Amsterdam University College, and his MPhil in English Literary Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

With 4 years of teaching experience, Dragos has taught the following:

  • English Literature: IB, IGCSE, AP
  • Creative Writing
  • Advanced Composition
  • Academic Writing

Dragoș is highly interactive in class and good at keeping students engaged throughout the lesson. He likes to use practical examples and real-life situations to make sure students are well prepared for the exams ahead. Dragoș has taught creative writing and literature for two years at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, among other places. His debut novel HK Hollow is available now.

Dragos is best suited for students who would like a rigorous understanding of the required literature and how to structure the various discussions and materials into a cohesive essay, while relating it to real-life applications and examples.

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