Daniel Tritton

Biology, Chemistry

Daniel likes to gauge his students' level of understanding and then tailor his teaching to meet their individual needs.

Daniel received his B.Sc in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry from The University of Edinburgh with year abroad experience at The University of Hong Kong.

With 2 years of teaching experience in both the UK and Hong Kong, Daniel has taught the following:

  • Chemistry (The University of Edinburgh, Craigroyston Community High School, and a tutoring center in Hong Kong)
  • Biology (The University of Edinburgh and Craigroyston Community High School)
  • Academic Skills: Oral Presentation, Essay Writing and Critical Thinking

During his exchange year at The University of Hong Kong, he worked in the Chemistry department, partially designing and successfully synthesising a novel organoarsenic probe for fluorescently labelling arsenic binding proteins in live HeLa cells. This probe may give some valuable insight into the biochemical processes of proteins associated with the semi-metal arsenic, and may help in designing new anti-cancer drugs in the future. This year a paper based on the probe has been sent to various journals for publication, and will hopefully be accepted soon.

Daniel is passionate about keeping fit and healthy, since the mind and body go hand in hand. In his spare time he will go to gym, cycling, hiking and enjoy nothing more than going for a long run whilst listening to his favorite music.

Daniel’s experience and background make him a good teacher for the type of student that is looking for a fun and inspirational learning experience, but also wishes to understand their subject rather than simply recite and regurgitate facts.

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