Avi Banerjee

Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Math, History

Avi likes to show students what they are learning is relevant to their lives outside the classroom.

Avi received his MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London (integrated degree incorporating bachelor level study). 

He did peer tutoring in his high school for IB math and university for math, thermodynamics, and mechatronics.

During Avi’s studies at Imperial College, he developed a medical robot to assist doctors in small joint surgery, created an autonomous vehicle for defusing explosive devices and investigated the use of renewable energy in the desalination of seawater. All these challenging projects were only made possible by applying the laws of physics and mathematical logic. 

Avi’s dream is being a journalist covering international current affairs and science developments.

Blogs written: Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis ,  The Heirs of Copernicus: Bruno, Galileo, and NewtonUnderstanding Evolution

Demo class: Physics – IB HL Projectile MotionPhysics – IB HL Nuclear Reaction (Fission)

Avi’s experience and background make him a good teacher for the type of student that is looking for a challenge to go beyond the textbook to gain a better understanding of the subject matter.

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