Avi Banerjee

(Admissions Consultant)

PGCE University of Oxford
MEng Imperial College

Avi Banerjee graduated from Imperial College with a Master of Engineering with Honors in Mechanical Engineering and is undertaking a PGCE (Mathematics) program at the University of Oxford.

Since graduating from university, he has worked as a science and mathematics tutor at The Edge. Having personally completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, in addition to the IGCSEs, ACT, and SAT Tests, Avi has been able to deliver a personally tailored teaching experience. Over the last two years, he has led the teaching and designing of courses for the different UK University Admissions Tests.

Avi has also worked with students on their university admissions process: working on their admissions essays and interview preparation by doing mock interviews.

Avi loves working with young passionate students. In their hands lie our future. He wants to help our leaders of tomorrow reach their full potential, for they will move the world.

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Avi is also a tutor at The Edge. Click to view his teacher’s profile.