Andrew Liu

ACT, SAT, SSAT, Accounting, Business, Economics, Math, Physics, Chemistry

Andrew’s teaching style is Patient, Clear and Concise.

Andrew received his B.A. in Astrophysics and Economics (GPA: 3.96) from Columbia University with the following high honors: summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Departmental Honors in Astrophysics, Dean’s List 2013-2016, Dean’s List with High Honors 2012-2013.
With 6 years of teaching experience, Andrew has taught the following:
  • MCAT Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus (Columbia University)
  • IB, AP Math and Physics (Hong Kong)
  • Principles of Computing (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Introduction to Financial Derivatives and Options Theory (Deutsche Bank New York)
While at Columbia, Andrew developed a hydrodynamic simulation framework in C++ and Python for astrophysical plasmas and fluids. Currently, he is co-authoring a paper on convective turbulence in galaxy cluster cores. He has also published comprehensive documentation on numerical analysis and scientific computing applied to solving physics problems.
Andrew is a retired Wall Street FX Options trader and the top analyst from his class at Deutsche Bank New York with $5 million in recorded PNL who also holds a fellowship in violin performance from Trinity College London. His favorite composer is Johann Sebastian Bach.

Andrew’s qualifications and experience make him a good teacher for the type of student who is not afraid to challenge oneself.

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