Alfred Tang

Math, Physics, Computer Science, STEP

With his wealth of experience and belief of holding students accountable for their learning, Alfred will ensure success.

Alfred attended MIT as an Undergraduate student, leaving with a B.S. in Physics. He later earned a Master’s degree and a PhD in Physics from The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Alfred has 14 years of experience teaching in the following subjects:

  • Physics
  • Math
  • Computer Science

Alfred has been teaching since his first year in university when he gave a physics class to fellow students. Since then, he has taught students from elementary to postgraduate level.

Alfred’s style and personality make him the ideal teacher for the driven student.

When Alfred isn’t teaching, he enjoys the great outdoors and has even accomplished the world’s most dangerous hike, the plank walk in Huashan, China.

Blogs written: Understand the concepts in Math and Physics, Effective Tutoring in Math and Physics, How much pressure is too much pressure?

Alfred’s teaching style is patient and uncompromising. He believes in helping students achieve by holding them to a very high standard.

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