Alex Anzola Jürgenson

Computer Science, Environmental Science, Biology, German, Spanish, TOK

With over 10 years of teaching experience, Alex's teaching style is student centered and enquiry based. He focuses on making students to understand the concepts and make connections instead of rote memorisation.

Alex received his MSc. in Forestry and PhD in Applied Statistics and Computer Science from University of Göttingen in Germany. He earned his TESOL Certification from Arizona State University and is an IB certified teacher in Biology.

With over 10 years of teaching experience, Alex has taught the following subjects:
• Computer Science (IB, AP, A-Level, IGCSE)
• Environmental Science (AP)
• Biology (IB, AP, A-Level, IGCSE)
• German
• Spanish

Given Alex’s passion for teaching, it is not surprising that his teaching areas are very broad and diverse that spans from Science to Languages. Since he was studying his undergraduate degree, he was already hired as a teaching assistant at the Computer Science Department. His teaching skill has further developed during his PhD and post-doctoral fellowship when preparing and conducting classes and labs are required. Before joining the Edge, he has 18 years of work experiences in private sector, local and international schools, and various learning centres.

When he is not teaching, Alex spends a lot of his leisure time engaged in art activities, including painting, figure drawing and urban sketching, and he even conducts regular workshops for adults. He is also a active volunteer of local charity BreadLine.

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