Aaron Liu

Biology, Chemistry

Aaron’s teaching style is Straightforward, Practical, Effective, Creative and Structured. (S.P.E.C.S)

Aaron received his B.Sc (Honors) in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Brown University with a 4.0 GPA. He was one of the few undergraduates at Brown who started taking PhD level classes as a Sophomore, and by his Senior year, he was hired by one of his professors to serve as a Teaching Assistant for a PhD level class – Advanced Biochemistry.

Aaron has 6 years of teaching experience before joining The Edge and has taught all of the following:

  • Advanced Biochemistry (PhD class at Brown)
  • Introductory Chemistry; Equilibrium, Rate & Structure; Organic Chemistry I; Organic Chemistry II; Cell and Molecular Biology (Undergraduate classes at Brown)
  • Hong Kong A-Levels English (Private Tutoring)
  • SAT Math (Private Tutoring)

After graduating from Brown, Aaron spent 4 years on Wall Street as a Healthcare/Special Situations Portfolio Manager at various hedge funds before moving back to Hong Kong in 2016.

On top of his incredible academic background, Aaron is really good with his hand-eye-coordination. He was the concertmaster at the HKAPA Junior Symphony Orchestra, and he is also pretty good at doing yo-yo tricks.

Aaron’s experience makes him a good teacher for the type of student who is frustrated about not being able to translate his/her knowledge in the subject to better grades in exams.

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