IB Math Common Core (SL & HL)

IB Math Common Core

As the new IB Math curriculum has been launched in Sept 2019 for the IB Class of 2021, The Edge now runs a new IB Math Common Core course to help students who are going to the first year of IB get prepared for the upcoming syllabus changes as well as stay ahead of their in-school instruction. Students will learn the common core topics covered under the new IB Math curriculum.

Course Description:

The instructor of the course will cover all the concepts of the common core topics, these apply to both the Approaches and Analysis (AA) and Applications and Interpretations (AI) curricula. This course is also covering both SL and HL for the curricula, as all students will need SL knowledge with additional concepts for the HL students.

The complete course consists of 5 lessons, each being 3 hours in length. The lesson breakdown will be around 2 hours on theory, concepts, and strategies with worked examples. The ideas will cover concepts to deal with both questions with a calculator and without a calculator. The remaining time will be in-class questions on the concepts covered in the lesson. Each lesson will cover a single self-contained unit of the common core.

Course Syllabus:

Number and Algebra3 hrs• Review of Scientific Notation
• Sequences, Series and Logs
• Complex Numbers
Functions3 hrs• Straight Line and Co-ordinate Geometry
• Quadratic Functions
• Rational Functions
• Inverse Functions
• Composite Functions
Geometry and Trigonometry3 hrs• Review of Trigonometric Ratios
• Non-Right Angle Triangle Geometry
• Basic Trigonometric Identities, Functions and Equations
• Radians and the Unit Circle
• Circle Theorem, Lines and Angles
Statistics and Probability3 hrs• Probability Laws
• Venn Diagrams and Set notation
• Descriptive Statistics
• Bias, Lean, Standard deviation and Variance
Calculus3 hrs• Differentiation from First Principles
• Basic Differentiation
• Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
• Basic Integration

Course Schedule:

15 hrs of Instruction + 2 Mock Tests (Cost: HK$7,000)

Want to sign up or learn more about the IB Math Common Core course?

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