Happiest Education Company of 2016

Happiest Company Awards

Tiny Pulse, an international organization which helps companies “DELIGHT” awarded The Edge its 2016 “Raising the Bar” Award for the Education category.

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The company which holds the following as its mission:

D elight customers

E lect to spread positivity

L ead with solutions and embrace change

I ncrease communication with open engagement

G o the extra mile with passion

H old oneself accountable “Big Freedom = Big Accountability”

T reasure culture and freedom

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annually selects a handful of companies for the award which attain the belief that:

Never one to settle for second best, these companies strive to increase workplace happiness and satisfaction, which makes for increasingly happy employees over time.

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The Edge shares the award with incredible companies like Holland America, HONOLULU Magazine and Burton, to name a few here in 2016.

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Don’t miss the next Free College Admissions Seminar!

The Top Test Preparation and College Admissions consulting company in Hong Kong has been using Tiny Pulse’s services for years.  The program basically sends emails to company team members and asks them questions like: “What did you like the best at your previous employment, that you would like to see implemented here?” and has them respond anonymously or named.  Additionally, it allows company members to give each other “cheers” (positive words of encouragement) and suggestions in the same manner.  It basically allows companies to truly take a “pulse” of how things are constantly.  HR is more empowered to help the organization “raise the bar” or recognize impressive efforts internally or simply make companies “happier” than they were before.


One company employee has even filled the internal survey out 115 times in a row without fail.

A list of other companies receiving the awards.

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