Exam Preparation Tips from our Math and Science Team

1.  Good preparation is the best way to calm your nerves.  Cramming for math and sciences is futile.  Here’s what to do during the semester:

  1. Read your text and understand it. Throw away the formula booklet while studying. Look it up from the textbook and read the examples.
  2. Practise past papers and textbook questions.
  3. Get stuck?
    1. Yes: go back to step 1.
    2. No: move on and read more extensively.

2.  As the exam approaches, review your notes to help you freshen your mind only on those things that you tend to forget.  Do not burn yourself out before the exam.

3.  Get a good night’s sleep before the exam.  Your IQ and memory drop drastically when you are tired.

4.  Eat a healthy breakfast.  Do not over-eat before the exam.  Stay away from heavy food.

5.  Taking an exam is a mind game like competing in the Olympics.  If you lose your mind, game is over.  To play the game well, you need to focus, execute and follow through.  If you are too anxious about winning, you will not do as well. Just do the best you can.  Your best is all you can do anyway.  You cannot control the outcome.  But you can control your attitude.  If you think that way, you tend to do better.

6.  Students bring a lot of baggage with them to the exam hall, like family expectation, teacher’s expectation and self expectation.  Free yourself from these baggages.  Just focus on the exam at least for that hour or two.  To be free, you need to learn not to care about what people think again at least for that hour or two.


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