Useful Formulae for SAT Subject Test: Math Level II

By Leo Lam 

(ACT, SAT, SSAT, Math, Physics, MAT, STEP, TSA, English Builder tutor at The Edge Learning Center)

In my last blog, I provided a few tips on how to tackle the SAT Math Level II subject test. For those of you who are preparing for the test (the next one will be in August), I have prepared some equations and quick notes on some of the more advanced topics students tend to struggle with.

According to the College Board website, there are four core topics being tested: 1) Number and operations, 2) Algebra and functions, 3) Geometry and measurement, and 4) Data analysis, statistics, and probability. Because there are so many different concepts all happening at the same time, it can be quite challenging to find all the resources. So here are some useful equations and tips for the first three topics (for Data analysis, statistics, and probability, most questions involve interpretation and simple calculation, so they have been excluded to keep the list concise.)

Keep in mind that you will still need your understanding of the concepts in order to apply these equations, and many of the fundamental skills are assumed knowledge.

SAT Math II Equations – Number and Operations


SAT Math II Equations – Algebra and Functions

SAT Math II Equations – Geometry and Measurement


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