Make Vocabulary Personal

By Hieu Van Do

(English Literature, English Language, TOEFL, SSAT, English Builder tutor at The Edge Learning Center)

The Verbal Section of the SSAT is arguably the most difficult section on the SSAT. Not only do you need to identify 30 synonyms, but you also need to form relationships between a pair of words in 30 analogies.

Many students prepare for this rigorous portion of the SSAT by reviewing more vocabulary. They usually will find a list of words online and try to memorize it. However, a majority of these students will find themselves forgetting most of the vocabulary within days or even hours.

If you fall in the same category of students as the ones mentioned above, don’t worry too much. This is a common problem that usually stems from a lack of personal connection with the words studied. So how do you form a connection with words? The same answer is to make the new word “personal”.

Instead of listing different steps, I decided it was best to show what I meant when I said to make words personal. Below is a list of 26 words, one for each letter of the alphabet. For the purpose of this demonstration, I will only be choosing one definition for each word, and then I will use some mnemonic devices to form an association between the word and myself. In essence, I will associate unfamiliar words with my interests and experiences.

Vocabularies Examples Start From A-Z Alphabetic

(Please click to read the meaning)

[sg_popup id=”14530″ event=”click”]Adroit[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14532″ event=”click”]Bliss[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14534″ event=”click”]Concur[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14535″ event=”click”]Detest[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14536″ event=”click”]Extricate[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14537″ event=”click”]Famished[/sg_popup]
[sg_popup id=”14539″ event=”click”]Garrulous[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14540″ event=”click”]Herculean[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14541″ event=”click”]Innocuous[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14544″ event=”click”]Jeer[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14545″ event=”click”]Kin[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14547″ event=”click”]Lassitude[/sg_popup]
[sg_popup id=”14548″ event=”click”]Menagerie[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14549″ event=”click”]Nefarious[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14550″ event=”click”]Opt[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14551″ event=”click”]Perpetuate[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14552″ event=”click”]Quell[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14553″ event=”click”]Reclusive[/sg_popup]
[sg_popup id=”14554″ event=”click”]Stupefy[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14555″ event=”click”]Thwart[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14556″ event=”click”]Usurp[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14557″ event=”click”]Vilify[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14558″ event=”click”]Wily[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14559″ event=”click”]Xenophobic[/sg_popup]
[sg_popup id=”14560″ event=”click”]Yield[/sg_popup] [sg_popup id=”14561″ event=”click”]Zeal[/sg_popup]

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