5 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

By Jaris Cole

(English Literature, English Builder, ESOL, IELTS, TOEFL, TOK tutor at The Edge Learning Center)

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus has forced many of us to stay home all day. Staying home has its advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is how too much time indoors could lead to cabin fever, which is a claustrophobic reaction, manifested as extreme irritability and restlessness. Although it’s not fatal, cabin fever can lead to irrational decisions that could put you at risk. You can try any of the five ways below to combat cabin fever.

  1. Get outside (even for a short time)

    Research has shown that even brief stints outside can promote improved cognitive function. So even going outside, even for a short time, is more beneficial than staying indoors all day. Furthermore, if you want to add an educational angle to going outside, you can write about your experience. Practice your writing skills by using different language, figurative language and imagery for example, syntax, etc.

  2. Play games with family

    There are many games you can play with family members that don’t require game boards. Some classics are charades and hangman. Add an educational angle by incorporating Paper 1 or Paper 2 texts. For example, you could use themes or character names for hangman.

  3. Write about a TV show/movie

    After watching a show or movie, write about it. You could write a review and in it you can discuss elements (color, language/dialogue, etc.). Or you could write a creative piece which could continue the story of the episode or movie. Or your creative piece could be of the “fan fiction” variety.

  4. Listen to podcasts

    There are so many podcasts that cover different topics. Choose topics that interest you and then find podcasts that capture and hold your attention. While listening to episodes, take note of the audience, purpose, and context of the episodes. You can also share episodes with friends and then discuss them later together.

  5. Be active

    It’s very easy to become lazy when you’re home all day. Fortunately, there are simple exercises you can do indoors. Jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats are just a few exercises you can do in your home. However, if you lack space in your home, you can do any of the previous exercises in your hallway or outside.


There’s no telling when the current situation with the coronavirus will change and things will return back to normal. So it’s important that you maintain healthy mental health by varying up your days. Use the five ways above or ideas of your own! And remember, if you go outside, don’t forget to wear a mask!


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