13% More Take the ACT vs. the SAT

sat vs act - the numbersThe numbers are out and the ACT continues to dominate globally.

This past year in 2015, the ACT recorded a record number of test takers: 1,924,436.*  The SAT, in its most recent release of data shows that 1.7 million took the traditional exam for college admissions.** 

2015 SAT Test Taking NumbersWhile the SAT grew 1.8% from 2014 to 2015, the ACT grew 4.2% continuing its growth over the once popular SAT.  Since the year 2012 (where the ACT overtook the SAT), it has not stopped growing and continues to outsell the SAT by a margin of 224,436 test takers  a year.

Is the ACT the de facto college admissions test now?

In Asia, the students have not caught up to the trends in the west.  China and the rest of the Asian nations are using the old standard for colleges.  They still believe that the SAT is the de facto college admissions test.***

Fewer Asians took the ACT vs the SAT

It will be incredibly interesting to see the gap in ACT vs. SAT Test taking numbers for 2016.  Given that the SAT will be changing in March (in the US) and in May, Internationally, we will potentially see an even bigger gap when the numbers are released in mid to late 2016.  

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