HKUST Ranked Higher than Peking University – US Still Tops

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French Human Resource consulting firm Emerging recently released their: 2015 Top 150 Universities for “Global Employability” Rank Institution  Country Score 1 Harvard University United States 662 2 University of Cambridge United Kingdom 633 3 University of Oxford United Kingdom 609 4 California Institute of Technology United States 597 5 Yale University United States 575 6 […]

Universities Spotlight: The Little Three

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As we’ve pointed out and as many other publications have as well, the Global Top Universities are littered with names like Stanford, Harvard, or MIT.  However, unbeknownst to many in Asia, there are some amazing Universities that might be considered the “Hidden Ivies.” As one of the Best Admissions Consulting departments, we would like to share […]

Top Universities Ranked by College Students

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Harvard isn’t #1.  Harvard’s not even in the Top 10.   According to professors rating site, Rate My Professors, the most recent rankings were released. Top 10 Universities ranked by College Students: