Upcoming Seminars at The Edge

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The Edge will be providing a great opportunity for parents and students to learn more about the complicated educational landscape. We have many exciting seminars on various topics from our full range of services: Admissions Consulting, Test Preparation and Academic Tutoring. Admissions Consulting Seminars – provide The Edge’s insights, information, and tips about planning to apply […]

Seminar: Path to U.K. Admissions

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 Admissions Consulting Seminar: Path to U.K. Admissions Our Edge’s UK Admissions Consultants will be on hand to explain the ins and outs of entering a U.K. University. They will go over complicated subjects such as UCAS applications, admissions timelines, admissions scorecards, extracurricular activity selection, and more! Date: Saturday, February 3 Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm Location: The Edge Learning Center, Causeway […]

IB/AP Seminar – Getting the most out of your program

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 IB/AP Seminar – Getting the most out of your program Are you or your children either currently studying or planning to study in the IB/AP curriculum? Come to our seminar to learn about the differences between the 2 curriculum, which path is better suited for you, which subjects are the best for you to take, […]

Seminar: The Edge’s Insight to US University ED EA RD Admissions Trends

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 AC Seminar: The Edge’s Insight to US University ED EA RD Admissions Trends Come to our AC seminar to learn about the latest Early Decision/Early Action/Regular Decision Admissions Trends, changes we have observed over the past few years related to college admissions, and what it means to be a “fit” candidate for universities. Date: Saturday, January 13 Time: […]