Siv Somchanhmavong

(Admissions Consulting Partner)

PhD, Candidate, Syracuse University
MS, Cornell University

Siv is a former admissions officer who has an in-depth knowledge of the American college admissions process, particularly at Cornell University—a member of the Ivy League. As a Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Cornell, Siv worked effectively to recruit a diverse class, domestically and internationally, where at the time Cornell received 30,000 applications to enroll a class of 3,200 first year students. Now, Cornell and many other elite institutions are experiencing meteoritic rise (25-30% increase) in applications for the same number of slots. Having evaluated over thousands of applications on an annual basis for the past decade, Siv has the insight and knowledge to empower students and families to meet and achieve their educational goal appropriate to their demonstrated achievement and potential for success.

Siv has been a member of regional (NYSACAC, SACAC) and national professional (NACAC) organizations committed to helping students and families navigate the college admissions process. Using his knowledge, experience and expertise of more than 12 years in admissions and undergraduate advising at Cornell, Siv looks forward to working with students and families from HK and PRC to enable them in accessing and attaining a premiere U.S education that is second to none.