Sing Kwok

Economics, Math (MYP)

Sing is an economics powerhouse. With detailed knowledge of and keen interest in the IB curriculum, Sing is personally invested in safeguarding his students through the rigours of the course and the exam.

Sing received his BA in Economics from Union College and went on to acquire an MA in Economics from The University of Oklahoma and a Certificate of Financial Engineering from Stanford University.

Sing has taught for 6 years, and his subjects include:

  • IB Economics
  • MYP Math
  • AP Economics

Some of the other positions Sing has held include working for the U.S. Military Intelligence branch and 4 years on Wall Street. Sing is also the author of The Edge’s micro and macroeconomics textbooks, so his understanding of school curricula and their approach to Economics is extremely detailed.

With so much experience across varied fields, Sing is perfect for those students who are interested in a deeper understanding of economics, or those who simply need basic help reviewing, catching up, or preparing for tests and papers.

An avid reader, Sing follows economic and geopolitical subjects. He also enjoys jogging.

Sing’s teaching style is enthusiastic and detail oriented. He drives results with his meticulous lesson planning which allows him to present concepts in a systematic framework. He is passionate about keeping abreast of current real-world applications of economic theories and delights in exploring these with his students as teaching tools.