Rob Gilliver

English Literature, ESOL, SSAT

Rob Gilliver is the answer to your IB Language & Literature prayers.

Rob’s BA degree is in Language and Literature from the University of Leeds, and on top of this, he has a film studies background.

This makes Rob uniquely qualified to help kids make sense of the new IB English Language & Literature course requirements.

In addition, Rob has his CELTA qualification and 2 years’ experience teaching ESOL and TOEFL.

Rob has taught:

  • IB English Literature
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Business English

Having both the Literature and the ESOL training means Rob is an excellent resource for second-language students tackling the rigours of English Literary studies.

As a teenager, Rob represented England in equestrian show jumping. He is currently editing the English translation of Andrea Hirata’s fourth published novel, Strange Rhythm.

Blog written: The SSAT Narrative Essay

Rob is an energetic and funny teacher with a streak of dark humor. He is as comfortable analyzing the on-screen techniques of television shows like Arrested Development as the intricate prose of novels like Perfume.