Priya Acharya

(Biology & Chemistry Instructor)

Biology, Chemistry

Biology or Chemistry students who are eager to know what’s beyond high school? Priya is here to connect the dots.

Priya holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from John Moores University in Liverpool, England, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy from Queen University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Coming from her background and a year of teaching experience, Priya is equipped to teach the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry

Previously, Priya lectured doctors, nurses, and pharmacists on a variety of topics and organized interactive workshops. Her teaching style emphasizes student participation and visually striking displays.

In addition to teaching students the skills they need to earn top marks on exams, Priya aims to give students real-life applications of the course material, and getting students to see how the current material relates to their interests in the future.

In her free time, Priya loves to play the saxophone.

Blog written: New IB options for Biology and Chemistry

Priya’s teaching style is catered towards students who like to actively participate in class, and prefer a lot of visual presentations/learning materials.