Pratik Choudhury

ACT, IGCSE/MYP Math & Physics

Energetic, Experienced, and Resourceful.

Pratik will always enter the classroom with meticulous preparation for your student.

Pratik received his B.E. in Civil Engineering from Mysore University, MSc in TransportEngineering from Napier University, UK.

In addition to his Engineering background, Pratik has also recieved training in educa-tion by receiving a P.G.D.E. in Mathematics from Hong Kong University, and aTESOL. Certification from UNI-Prep CanadaHe comes to the Edge prepared to teachthe following subjects:

  • ACT    
  • Physics 
  • Math

Besides having taught for over 5 years in various International and local schools inHong Kong, Pratik has been part of Content and Language Integrating (CLIL) project withHong Kong University and University of Sydney, exploring sustainable and effective waysto integrate English with Maths and Science.

Pratik believes that students learn best when they are engaged through different means —he will be a great resource for students looking for a creative teacher who will make the extra effort to prepare original materials.

Blog written: Introduction to Free Fall

Pratik’s teaching style is active. He likes to get the students to actively participate in the learning process, and help them find their most effective ways of learning.