Karl Holm

(Head of the Humanities)

IB Biology, English Literature, IB/AP, ESOL, Edge English, TOEFL, IELTS

Learning Biology and English from one teacher?

Karl’s calm, methodical approach and extensive experience make it possible.

Karl is from Sweden, where he acquired a PhD in Biology from Uppsala University, one of the highest-ranking universities of Northern Europe. Prior to his PhD, he completed a MEd in English and Swedish Languages and Literature from Stockholm University.

He brings over 10 years of experience teaching both English language and literature, as well as Biology in private 1-on-1 and university settings.

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Biology

Coming from a unique background of both the sciences and the humanities, Karl is able to identify with different types of students and adjust his teaching to their requirements. His research background in Biology makes him ideal for students interested in pursuing that direction.

Karl believes that it is important to help students acquire a firm grip on the basics of a discipline first, in order to develop a critical awareness of the uses and applications of that knowledge.

Other than teaching, Karl is passionate about photography (both digital and medium format film) and can be found spending time outdoors in pursuit of plants and birds.


As a teacher, Karl has a calm presence. He finds that an educational setting that promotes dialogue and encourages questioning best serves to develop independent critical thinking and increased student achievements.