Janet Yau

Chemistry, Math, Physics

Janet will lay a solid foundation of knowledge and techniques for her students and teach them to think with a scientific mindset.

Janet earned her B.Sc in Chemistry from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and will be receiving an MPhil degree in Chemistry from the same university in September 2017.

With 8 years of teaching experience, Janet has taught all of the following:

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Sciences
  • Creative English Writing
  • DSE Chinese Reading Intensive

Janet has been an undergraduate course tutor for ‘Environmental Chemistry I’ and ‘Advanced Inorganic Chemistry’. She is also a laboratory demonstrator for ‘Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory II’ and a graduate research consultant for United College’s Senior Seminar.

Janet loves classical music and learning languages.

Janet’s experience and background make her a good teacher for students who would like to achieve distinctions in public examinations and apply their knowledge in daily life at the same time.