Adam Stengel

AP/IB History, English Literature, English Language

The Edge’s energetic humanities specialist, Adam will teach students the writing and rhetorical skills necessary for academic success.

Adam received his B.A. in History at University of Central Arkansas, and later earned a MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from University of Florida. He also has a TEFL Certification in ESL from Peru.

Besides his qualifications, Adam also has 5 years of teaching experience and has taught at colleges in the U.S., language institutes in South America, and private bilingual schools in Turkey. During his other teaching jobs, he has taught the following :

  • English Literature
  • Writing (Creative, Academic, and Professional)
  • History (U.S. and World)
  • Philosophy, Social Studies, and General Humanities

Given his extensive experience in teaching writing and humanities subjects, Adam is perfect for students who need the extra help to develop their written communication skills for English or other humanities subjects.

Besides teaching, Adam has written for various publications and journals, and has contributed his poetry, fiction, and literary criticisms.

Blogs written: Topics in US History: Political PartiesThe US Constitution: Convention and RatificationIngredients of the Ideal Body Paragraph of a History Essay, A Scientific Approach to AP Comparative Government and Politics

Adam’s background makes him ideal for students that are looking for a subject teacher (English or Humanities) who can especially help develop their writing skills.