Preliminary 2016 World Scholars Cup Subjects Released

For those students who are trying to get “The Edge” with next year’s World Scholar’s Cup events, we are giving your chance to research early! 

First off, the World Scholar’s Cup Theme for next year was announced as:

World Scholar’s Cup 2016: An Imperfect World

Hong Kong Scholars can get prepare for the Hong Kong Round at:

Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

March 5-6, 2016

The new logo for next year’s World Scholar’s Cup was posted on their Facebook Page:

2016 world scholars cup logo

Some of the subjects and sub-topics that were released were



Update (11/29/2015) 


Update (11/29/2015) 

Special Area


Update (11/29/2015) 


Update (11/29/2015) 


Update (11/29/2015) 


And given recent events in the news lately, we have a feeling some of the future topics may revolve around ISIS or otherwise known as “ISIL”, “ISIS”, “Daesh”, and “Islamic State group” in the Social Studies section.  If not, it might be related to Terrorism, but we will obviously let you know when we find out and help our great future student scholar’s with our Top WSC Instructors who have helped the past #1 teams at the Tournament of Champions and Global Rounds.

Also, the Global Round for next year was announced at the TOC in Yale to be in Bangkok, Thailand from June 26-30, 2016.  The Mini Globals will be in Prague with the date TBA.

Bangkok WSC

Stay tuned with The Edge to learn about future topics annouced for the Science and other World Scholar’s Cup subjects.