New SAT Dates for 2017, 2018 & 2019

The New SAT Test DatesIf you haven’t seen the College Board’s schedule for the New SAT, you will be a bit surprised compared to the past announcements of the upcoming dates (when you finally take a look).  This year and very recently, the College Board has decided to announce the anticipated dates NOT ONLY for the upcoming year, but the year after. We’re thinking with their loss of market share, it has prompted them to get a bit creative and also do some major changes to the implementation of the pre-college assessment.

2017-2018 New SAT Registration & Test Dates*

Starting next year, the SAT will be offered in August!

2017-2018 SAT Test Dates and Registration Info

College Board announces New SAT Test Dates – Incl August

Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  You can see from the college board that August is NOW a new test date starting next year in 2017.  August 26, 2017 is the anticipated date for the first ever August implementation in years, if not ever.  Having this exam before many schools start their sessions will be an interesting phenomena and perhaps, we will see an increase in scores?

The other change you may not notice right away is that the January implementation will be no longer.  So, students might not be crammed as much as they were in the past with their winter breaks (to study for the early year test).

Also, as you can see from the snapshot of the anticipated dates, the March exam does not include the Subject Tests.

And as you can see from the International page SAT Test Dates (following), the March date is excluded and only offered in the U.S.

2017-2018 International New SAT Dates*

2017-2018 New SAT International Dates


*New SAT offered Intl in Aug, but not March Still

Even though these do not identify it, the registration deadlines will typically be a month before the test date.  There are “late registration” deadlines by mail and phone or online which are around 2 weeks (give or take…), but as we advise clients always, it’s important to register as early as possible.

The New SAT

SAT Test Delivery Dates for 2016 & Beyond

The score delivery for the future dates are a bit unknown, however.  The College Board is trying their best to remove all the little “kinks” here in the first “New SAT” in March and not delivering the scores until “Mid-May” – more than two months after the test is carried out.  It is more than 5 weeks beyond the current typical release period for the SAT scores.  The June test is anticipated to reduce the down time by a month and the College Board may have it back to normal by this fall.

As stated in the aforementioned, the board has decided to announce two years ahead on their “readiness” website as well.  So…here are:

2018-2019 New SAT Registration & Test Dates*

2018-2019 SAT Test Dates

2018-2019 International New SAT Dates*

2018-2019 International New SAT Dates

*Do note that the College Board has explicitly said these dates are the “anticipated dates.”

If you’re planning for this year, the 2016 SAT Dates Available here.