June 2017 Seminars at The Edge

SSAT Seminar: Making Sense of the SSAT

SSAT Seminar

Are your children planning to go to boarding school, but need to do well on the SSAT to get in? Come to our seminar and speak with The Edge’s Test Prep expert, Nick Marshall, who will introduce and explain what’s on the test, the challenges it poses for students, when it is suitable to take it, and how they should prepare for it.

9th Annual Inside the Ivy League Seminar

Inside the Ivy League 2017

Inside the Ivy League seminar is your chance to speak with real Ivy League graduates on subjects ranging from what it took to enter their university to what prospects they had after obtaining their degree. The seminar will follow a panelist format, where the panelists from the represented Ivy League schools will answer questions on the different aspects of their respective university. After the panel discussion is over, there will be an open Q&A session where you will have the opportunity to ask questions which may not have been answered during the discussion.