The Edge’s 5 Holiday Test Prep Secrets (shhhhh!)

  1. Read this article!student_girl_studying_at_school

Reading this article is the first step to knowing what steps you need to take before you can hunker down for some productive holiday studying. If you don’t read this article, you won’t know what those steps are and, therefore, will add nothing in the way of productivity to your holiday studying.

So, Step 1: Continue Reading!

  1. Procrastinate as much as, you know, you’re, like, able to?

dog_sleeping_after_studyingAs they say in the suburbs surrounding Miami-Dade airport, “¡Mañana!”

Why do anything today that you could put off until tomorrow, amirite?

Or, why commit yourself to rigorous and dedicated study aimed at addressing and improving your specific test weaknesses when you could just wait until the night before the exam and stay up until sunrise, cranked up on caffeine, frantically poring over charts of pronoun cases?

The best solution is clear: forget about studying for the ACT/SAT at all until the last possible minute. Put on some PJs, brew some hot cocoa, cozy up in front of a YouTube video of a crackling fire, and think about what sound a tree makes when no one’s around to hear it.

tl;dr dont be a nerd lol jk

  1. Stave off existential dread by listening to holiday music, constantly

Sometimes, as human beings, we are wrought utterly terrified and ineffectual when that deep, familiar feeling of dread that comes from knowledge of our own mortality creeps into our bone marrow. At such times, studying can seem unbearable.

In these moments, in this, the wintriest season of the year, the best way to shove that feeling of dread back into the depths of your soul where it belongs is to listen to Jingle Bell Rock on repeat at high volume for an extended period of time. Mom and Dad will thank you for the holiday spirit you’ve brought to the house.

This never fails to cheer us up (by putting us in the mood for a lobotomy).

Also recommended: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

  1. christmas_hot_chocolate_marshmallowsDrink more cocoa

It’s got . . . antioxidants?

It’s not socially acceptable to stuff any other beverage full o’ marshmallows.

Go ahead. Pour yourself a cup: It’s what Santa Claus would have wanted.


  1. Go to The Edge Learning Centers for expert Test Preparation instruction and advice

classical_musician_oboe_playingIn all seriousness, why try to do everything by yourself? What are you trying to be, a hero?

You have enough on your plate.  There’s no need to become an expert on the ACT/SAT in your free time. You have better things to do with your life (some of you, anyway), like practicing the oboe, volunteering at a local community center, or exaggerating your involvement in the previously mentioned activities when writing your college applications.

Instead of taking it on yourself, take advantage of a friendly neighborhood ACT/SAT expert near you by visiting one of The Edge Learning Centers. We will accompany you along an individually tailored learning path to your desired results.

So, this holiday season, instead of worrying yourself sick about your upcoming exam date, let The Edge grant you peace of mind, and, instead of working yourself sick aimlessly drilling practice set after practice set, work smarter by following a plan laid out by Asia’s premier Test Preparation experts. You’ll be glad you did.   

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy Holidays!!!