Edge Writing Level 3-4


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An Edge AT Tutor The instructor might be changed without further notice

Class Period

June 25, 2018 - July 23, 2018


Mong Kok



Learn how to write for school.

Our Edge Writing Courses have been tailored to prepare students for the academic demands of international exams such as the iGCSE, MYP, IB, and A-Level. Throughout both the Intermediate and Advanced versions of the course, our students learn strategic approaches to a range of essay formats and develop their ability to analyze and summarize information in an academic context.

Edge Writing Progression Path

Edge Writing Progression Path *This is for reference only. Placement test is required.

Course Structure

For both levels of the course, each unit is subdivided into four sections: I. Fluency Practice and Freewriting II. Reading for Writing III. Prewriting Activities IV. Structured Writing Focus

Edge Writing Level 3-4

  • Prepares students for the academic demands of IB and A-Level coursework and exams
  • Develops students’ ability to analyze and summarize information in an academic context
  • Enables students to approach texts with confidence and utilize evidence when forming arguments
  • Strengthens students’ understanding of literary composition, essay structure, and formatting
Good for: Students in their first year of IB or A-Level essay subjects such as English and History, as well as students in their final year of I/GCSE or MYP studies.