Free SAT & ACT Mock Exams + Diagnosis Reports

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For a limited time only!  Save $450 HKD through the end of 2015! Hong Kong’s Leading Authority on Test Preparation is offering a Full Length SAT or ACT Mock Exam gratis this holiday season! As a bonus, we will also provide a “Diagnosis Report” showing how your daughter or son performed on the exam along […]

Better Essays for the New SAT, ACT, & SSAT: Pt. 1

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While all three of the major exams for Colleges and Top Boarding schools will be optional after March of 2016 (and currently for the ACT & the SSAT), it’s still CRITICAL for students to write a strong and effective essay for their prospective schools. One of the best methods of improving your writing skills is practicing […]

Universities Spotlight: The Little Three

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As we’ve pointed out and as many other publications have as well, the Global Top Universities are littered with names like Stanford, Harvard, or MIT.  However, unbeknownst to many in Asia, there are some amazing Universities that might be considered the “Hidden Ivies.” As one of the Best Admissions Consulting departments, we would like to share […]

Top Universities Ranked by College Students

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Harvard isn’t #1.  Harvard’s not even in the Top 10.   According to professors rating site, Rate My Professors, the most recent rankings were released. Top 10 Universities ranked by College Students:

2016 Best Global Rankings released by US News

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If you haven’t seen the recent college rankings, we thought we would keep you updated by sharing the popular American publication’s latest list. No surprises up top: Top 10 Global Universities Most, if not all Universities on this list are very well-known universities throughout the world. Two (2) U.K. Universities occupy spots in the Top […]

Front to the Future: Why Stanford is the Most Sought After University

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If you haven’t been keeping up with Admissions Rates, Stanford has the most selective undergraduate University rate in the United States, if not the world. This past year, Stanford admitted “1,402 high school seniors for Stanford’s Class of 2019, in addition to the 742 early action students accepted in December… At 5.05 percent, this year’s […]

Top US Boarding Schools “On the Road” in Hong Kong

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Annually, many of the Top Boarding Schools from America visit Hong Kong.  This year is no exception, but the problem sometimes is finding out when?  And where? We’ve done you the courtesy of taking care of the legwork and as busy parents and students, you can just come to us, Hong Kong’s Top Admissions Consulting and […]

How to make your H.K. daughter or son a strong candidate for a Top 25 US Boarding School

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Recently, our Admissions Consulting team had the honor of listening to talk by a Top 25 Boarding School: The Hill School located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  The event was held at the Craigengower Cricket Club in Happy Valley, Hong Kong.  Unbeknownst to us, there would be an energy we didn’t expect by the hosts, (one of […]

Ivy League SAT Scores for Asians (Chinese+), Whites, and More

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According to the Harvard Crimson, the class of 2017 “…scored a 2237 on the SAT. Average standardized test scores varied by ethnicity…” Varied by ethnicity??? Basically, if you were born Asian (i.e., in Hong Kong or in China), you are disadvantaged from birth.  Trying to enter one of the most prestigious universities is doubly challenging simply […]

ACT/SAT Power Series Course

ACT/SAT POWER SERIES 5 REAL TESTS • DETAILED REVIEW SESSION WITH TEST PREP TEACHER Intensive drilling includes one full mock ACT/SAT per session Detailed reviews of each mock test to identify and correct errors Good For… Students with strong base knowledge, who wants to push their scores higher and be prepared for the timing of the test. […]