10 Things to Understand for the SSAT (for Admissions)

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While we believe there are many more than just 10 important points about the SSAT, these are what Admission.org, the SSATB (the Secondary School Admission Test Board or the folks who administer the SSAT) believe Admissions Officers need to know about the exam for US Boarding Schools (and many other independent schools).  We’ll share the first […]

The New ACT Drilling Course


We are excited to offer the NEW ACT Drilling Course here in February for the April ACT Exam!! The new drilling courses provides all of the following benefits to students: Carefully mapped drilling materials for comprehensive test exposure and practice Section-focused for need-based scheduling Each test specific course is taught by subject and topic specialist test […]

US vs UK Colleges – Where should I send my children?

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Being the Top SAT and ACT Test Preparation Center in Hong Kong, it would seem very obvious that we promote American based colleges. However, our support for the two most prominent exams in the world helping secure college admissions doesn’t simply come from our expertise.  It was a strategic decision many years ago when we acknowledged that […]

Richer Colleges Get Richer – The Wealthiest 10 Universities in the US

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Oxford dictionary defines an “endowment” as: “An income or form of property given or bequeathed to someone.”  It also explains it as: ” A form of life insurance involving payment of a fixed sum to the insured person on a specified date, or to their estate should they die before this date.” While the latter is […]

13% More Take the ACT vs. the SAT

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The numbers are out and the ACT continues to dominate globally. This past year in 2015, the ACT recorded a record number of test takers: 1,924,436.*  The SAT, in its most recent release of data shows that 1.7 million took the traditional exam for college admissions.** 

Exam Preparation Tips from our Math and Science Team

1.  Good preparation is the best way to calm your nerves.  Cramming for math and sciences is futile.  Here’s what to do during the semester: Read your text and understand it. Throw away the formula booklet while studying. Look it up from the textbook and read the examples. Practise past papers and textbook questions. Get […]

Welcome Aboard!

Say hello to our new teachers! Jonathan Wilson: IB/AP History, English Language (coming soon) Christopher Yu: Math, Physics Nathan Small: ACT, SSAT, ToK Karl Holm: IB Biology, English Literature, PIBAP, ESOL, Edge English, TOEFL/IELTS Brandon Na: ACT, SSAT, Debate Alfred Tang: Math, Physics Jasper Chu: English Literature, ESOL, Writing, IELTS, TOEFL Priya Acharya: Biology, Chemistry Pratik Choudhury: ACT, IGCSE/MYP Math and Physics David Chui: Chemistry

Trinity CertTESOL

The Edge is now offering the Trinity CertTESOL with Train The Teacher.  Dates and Fees 2016 Full time courses 2016 Part time courses 11 January – 7 February 15 February – 13 March 14 March – 10 April 11 April – 8 May 9 May – 5 June 6 June – 3 July 4 July […]

Preliminary 2016 World Scholars Cup Subjects Released

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For those students who are trying to get “The Edge” with next year’s World Scholar’s Cup events, we are giving your chance to research early!  First off, the World Scholar’s Cup Theme for next year was announced as: World Scholar’s Cup 2016: An Imperfect World Hong Kong Scholars can get prepare for the Hong Kong […]

HKUST Ranked Higher than Peking University – US Still Tops

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French Human Resource consulting firm Emerging recently released their: 2015 Top 150 Universities for “Global Employability” Rank Institution  Country Score 1 Harvard University United States 662 2 University of Cambridge United Kingdom 633 3 University of Oxford United Kingdom 609 4 California Institute of Technology United States 597 5 Yale University United States 575 6 […]