IB History – The New Paper 1 Prescribed Subjects

Hi everyone, my name is Jon and I teach history, English language, and English literature at The Edge in Mong Kok.  As you may or may not know, the IB is changing their history curriculum next year and is planning on introducing new prescribed subjects for Paper 1 (Route 2).  I wanted to give you […]

The SSAT Narrative Essay

By Rob Gilliver (English Literature, ESOL, and SSAT tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Many students who take the SSAT mistakenly believe that the essay is the least important section – that, because it is ungraded, the essay is somehow less significant than Verbal, Reading, or Quantitative Reasoning. While it may be true that the SSAT […]

Verdict: What we think about the New SAT

Verdict’s Out! Now that the New SAT from June 4th, 2016 has been published, the team at The Edge has examined and studied it closely. Here’s what we think: The skills required to ace the test are nothing new to The Edge and our students, The Edge’s proprietary strategies and approaches are just as effective as […]

Literature Made Simple: A Lexical Approach to Long Sentences

My name is Jasper, an English Language and Literature instructor at The Edge Learning Center. I receive quite a few emails from students, particularly those who have recently started doing literature courses, asking if I could explain the meaning of some ridiculously long sentence in literature. I was once also a literature student and, yes, […]

How To Read a Play: A Quick Peek at Blocking

By Karin Chun Taite (English Literature at The Edge Learning Center) Dramatic texts (plays) appear frequently on Hong Kong schools’ IB curricula, most commonly on Paper 2 lists and as IOC texts, so it’s a good idea to get a handle on how to talk about their dramatic conventions. It is the eternal complaint of […]

IB English Blog Language/Literature v. Literature

My name is Cara, and I’m an English Language and Literature tutor at The Edge Learning Center. Choosing your IB subjects can be daunting, grueling, and stressful. Choosing which English route to take can be equally intimidating. i. So, what are the two courses? The IB programme offers either Language and Literature (Lang/Lit) or just […]

IB Physics Options

Hi! I am Saad. I am a Mathematical Physicist and a Mathematics and Physics tutor at The Edge Learning Center. I thoroughly enjoy researching and teaching Mathematics and Physics. Over the years, I have often seen pupils concerned about selecting the appropriate options for their IB exams since (for obvious reasons) they tend to have very […]

Increase Your College Acceptance Rate to 98%!

There’s no doubt about it: applying to college is stressful. In the States, over 2600 schools offer bachelor’s degree programs, a dizzying array of options to any prospective student. But if you take the time to compile an effective college list, one that suits your academic profile most, you can increase your odds of admission […]

Making Sense of Parabolas

Hi! I am Leo, Test Prep and Math tutor at The Edge Learning Center. I am here to simplify Parabolas and make them more understandable for you. Many of my students in the MYP Extended Mathematics stream struggle to make the leap from linear functions to quadratic functions: their first encounter with curve drawing. “Leo, […]

Topics in US History: Political Parties

Hi! This is Adam, AP/IB History, English Literature and English Language & History tutor at The Edge Learning Center. Below, I’ve written a brief history of political parties in the US. The development over time of political parties is one of the most complicated yet significant topics in United States History.  In his farewell address, George […]