SAT Chemistry Subject Test Overview

By Luke Palmer (Head of Math and Sciences, Biology and Chemistry tutor at The Edge Learning Center) The College Board offers a range of SAT Subject Tests from English to Mathematics and Sciences, the aim of these tests being to showcase your strengths in a given subject, as many colleges use the results in admissions, and a good […]

The Edge Pass

We at The Edge are proud to announce the The Edge Pass, a new tutoring option for students will officially launch on October 17th, 2016. What is The Edge Pass? The Edge Pass is a monthly pass for students enabling the use of any designated Science or Math classes for one low monthly fee. This service is […]

When should you take the SAT/ACT?

  By Levi Busch (Test Prep (ACT/SAT/SSAT), English Literature tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Many of the students who come to The Edge for assistance with the SAT or the ACT do not realize that one of the most important factors for success is an intelligent testing plan. Unless you are one of the small […]

IB English – A Brief Introduction to Postcolonial Theory

By Steve Leech (Test Prep (ACT/SAT/SSAT), English Literature, English Builder tutor at The Edge Learning Center)         In my experience, a major issue a lot of students have with literature is that they overthink it and get intimidated. To simplify, I often tell them to consider the idea of privilege: which people have social power, […]

October 2016 Seminars at The Edge


ACT vs SAT Seminar: Which one should you take? Come to our ACT vs SAT Seminar to learn more about the new SAT and ACT from The Edge Test Prep expert. We will go over the differences between these 2 exams by sections (English, Reading, Math, Essay),  whats been on the most actual exams, and much more. Date: Saturday, October 8th Time: […]

The Edge’s Test Day Tips

As we all know, test day can be a strenuous time for any student. Test day anxiety can lead to poor results, which renders all that hard work you put into your preparation meaningless while also forcing you to run through the whole preparation cycle again. It should come as no surprise then that despite […]

Test Prep Strategies: Picking Numbers

By James Rodkey (Test Prep (ACT/SAT/SSAT), ESOL, English Builder, Latin tutor at The Edge Learning Center) The current version of the SAT now has a greater focus on math – 800 of the total 1600 points compared to only 800 of 2400 previously – so scoring high on the math sections of the test is necessary […]

5 Survival skills for tackling Physics exams

By Tim Mok (Math and Physics tutor at The Edge Learning Center)  1. Memory and Learning  Students usually retain the large amount of content at the end of a lesson, as shown in Figure A. The amount of recall of the knowledge gradually reduces with time. This reduction is most likely due to the function of […]

The September 2016 ACT – Test Report

We are pleased to report that the September administration of the ACT seems to have gone off without a hitch. No stories of widespread cheating or score-cancellation drama (at least, no high-profile stories) have emerged from the sea of students that sat for this weekend’s test. It seems, actually, that this Saturday’s ACT was both […]

IB Math Visualized

By Christopher Yu (Math and Physics tutor at The Edge Learning Center) Have you ever experienced difficulties in memorizing or understanding a mathematical formula or theorem? Was it because staring at it for no matter how long still gave you no clues and did not impress you? If so, how about trying to “decipher” them visually? Sounds […]